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VW T4 Forum Design & Development

The VW T4 Forum is the UK’s largest T4 and T5 community. They have had a long-standing relationship with Est. Studio, who take care of all their design and maintenance.

The VW T4 forum needed a design and service to fit their ever growing community. As the UK’s largest and fastest growing VW community, there was a need for a clean design and advanced functionality to fit their forum.

We have designed and maintained an advanced forum built upon the VBulletin platform.

Features include:

  • Onlien advertising design & maintenance 
  • Dynamic custom van designer
  • Merchandise shop
  • Ongoing administrative support

The Result The VW T4 Forum have seen their user-base grow tenfold in the last 18 months; with Est Studio’s continued support and maintenance, they continue to grow as the UK leading VW community.

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